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New pistol rec fire offering!

On August 6th, there will be steel plate shooting on Range 5. This is good practice for drawing your handgun and for accuracy while under the stress of the clock. The Safety Brief will begin at 0900 in Bay 1 of Range 5 and then the shooting will begin and continue until everyone has had a chance to fire at least three times or until Noon. Click here for rules and regs.

Posted: July 29, 2011

End of the month updates

Jim Therrell is no longer employed by the Club as Operations Officer. Please take the time to thank him and we all wish him the very best. Please contact the QSC Operations Officer email should you require any assistance.

Upcoming Events for August 2011 is locked and loaded for all matches. All match bulletins, forms, etc. are available for download on that page and on the calendar.

Recreational fire as always is listed on a week by week basis in accordance with range availability.

Posted: July 28, 2011

Milestone for Quantico Shooting Club

The milestone I alluded to is that Quantico Shooting Club is either number 1 or number 2 in google searches! Go to goggle search, type in "shooting club" then go to the left hand side of the google search page and change the location to any city in the USA. For example, Miami - QSC is #1 hit; Kalamazoo - QSC is #1; Los Angeles - QSC is #2; Butner - QSC is #2...this is just great and speaks to just how well our new web site has reached out to population in the USA.

I hope our members, guests, and USMC hosts take note...between the web site, the quality of the matches, the diversity of the shooting experience from the novice to the expert, from civilian to military; folks we offer it all and there's nobody like us!

We as QSC members hold a tremendous amount of pride and now we have something else to add to the list!

The first step of the web site overhaul is not even a year old and the success has been phenomenal. The site will continue to undergo changes and the second revision will be coming out soon. This revision will be geared for the end-user. A member will be able to control your personal calendar, select what type of information you receive (for example pistol shooting only, pistol and rifle, etc). There will also be selections for both e-mail and smart phone alert. These will be useful for a blast to all for those last minute range, match, rec-fire changes due to weather or other unforeseen events. In other words, a whole lot more! Stay tuned as this is being worked on and you the member will know via a new e-mail blast to all. The old e-mail listserv will be put to rest!

On a personal note, my deepest and sincere thanks to all members, volunteers, RSO/OIC's, pit pullers, target parties, and to anyone I have missed for helping our club efforts.

Luis Eljaiek, Jr


Posted: July 23, 2011

New form required

QSC members, guests, and visitors will now be required to submit the "Quantico Shooting Club Acknowledgement of Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition" form prior to matches. Note that this form is due three days prior to the match date. The easiest way of accomplishing this is to download the form, sign/date, scan and then email to the Operations Ofificer. This form will be submitted to Mainside as per new policy and procedures. The form will be included in all match registrations listing and is also available on the Match Registration and Results page.

All match information is now under the new header "Match Info" on the horizontal navigation bar.

click here to download a copy of the new form.

Posted: July 14, 2011

Registration is now closed

The registration for this Sunday's USPSA style practical shooting match is now full therefore no further registrations will be taken. For those that missed out, look for this match in August!

Posted: 7/6/2011

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