Match Requirements

Match participants must be vetted three (3) weeks prior to match!


QSC Members, Guests, Rec-fire, and Sanctioned Matches

Civilian shooting clubs aboard active military bases have steadily been increasing and QSC is no different. This year we moved towards pre-registration and now there are new and increased security measures for civilians as follows:

  • Members: Along with the yearly liability waiver there is a requirement to have a QSC Qualification to Posses Firearms and Ammunition form on file.
  • Members: MCBO 8000.1c must be read and form at end signed and included in membership paperwork.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a member with the following caveats:
  • Match participants (who are not members or accompanied by a member) are allowed for sanctioned matches only.
    • A pre-registration form is required 2 weeks prior to the event and all pre-registration shall close 5 days before event. NO WALK ONS ALLOWED!!!
    • A liability waiver will be required 2 weeks to the event.
    • QSC Qualification to Posses Firearms and Ammunition form will be required 2 weeks prior to the event.
    • Vetting paperwork must be turned in 3 weeks before event. Vetting is good for ONE (1) year. Turn in ASAP to be cleared to shoot on base for a year.
      Click here to download "Vetting" forms. security pass
      Form Instructions: Do not fill out boxes 26 through 28. Box 25 sponsor is Quantico Shooting Club.
    • Forms must be MAILED TO:
      Quantico Shooting Club
      ATTN: Match Registration
      P.O. Box 212
      Quantico, VA  22134
  • For the above classes of participants, both forms are good for one year.