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Second only to safety, keeping our membership informed of what is happening inside Quantico Shooting Club is a top priority. We have a newsletter that we will put on this page every month. Be sure to check it and see what is going on with in the club.


JUNE 2013

Below are the results of the VA State Championship from 6/14-6/16/2013 Please click and the PDF will open.

6-14-13 Individual 1000 yard Match

6-14-13 Team Match

6-15-13 Match 4-10

6-16-13 NMC Match


QSC June Newsletter


June Events

Jun 2 – Rec Fire and Fun Match - 800, 900 and 1,000 yds  - Range 4*

Jun 1/2 - XTC Clinic - Range 3

Jun 9 - USPS Pistol Match - Range 5

Jun 14/15/16 - State Rifle Matches - Range 4

Jun 1/8/15/22/29 - Shotgun League

Jun 28/29/30 - NRA Palma Match


A HUGE!!!!! Thank You

To all those who helped out this last Memorial Day weekend with the Remembering the Brave matches, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


Remembering the Brave Foundation

Steve Beck (Founder)


On the line

Dan Duitsman

Jim Otto



Steve Mullins

David Dye

Rick Pethtel

Lynn Allison

Doug Hurst

Gene Gerhiser


Pits (All 3 days) – Range 4

Andy  Sherrer


Pits (Sat/Sun) – Range 3

LCpl Joshua Valentine



Runners and pit pullers

BPHSN JROTC led by Mike Darnell

Robert Allison
Mercedes Brandstetter
Todd Bridges
Eric Coppenrath
Charles Gilmore
Johnathan Haq
Bryan Kassab
Cameron Kingsley
Jordan Layne
Samantha Rayburn
John Reinboldt
Ben Sawyer
Kirk Sawyer
Joshua Schnepfe
Jeremy Stockwell
Dominic Thome
David Bayse
Anne Slota


Lorne Cooper

Mrs. Sherrer

Rayna Sprouse


R1 Sunday (for opeing R1 to non-competitive shooters)

Chris Colelli

James Nemeth


Food Services

Lil Githens and Craig Pritchett (donated and cooked the food)


Why you can’t get bullets… and likely other reloading supplies

Hello Doug,


We certainly try to support our customers as much as possible, but this unprecedented surge in demand caught the entire industry off guard. While we are constantly growing and shipping out more each month, we do not want to substitute quantity for quality in any way.

That being said, we have had more orders than ever before, and it makes it so that it is nearly impossible to give estimates on bullets that are not on our immediate production schedule.


Right now the only bullets that are on our immediate schedule for 30 caliber are the 185 VLD Target, 185 Juggernaut Target, 210 LRBT Target, and 210 VLD Target. These bullets will all be shipping out within the next 6 weeks or so. There are other Calibers we are producing at the same time, but that is all of the 30 cals for the next 6 weeks. Meaning, any other 30 Caliber bullet I did not list would be at least another 6 weeks out since they are not on the schedule.


Thank you,


Ryan Neal

Marketing Specialist

Berger Bullets


We need more RSOs

The process of becoming an RSO is somewhat easier now.  If you send the following…


·         First name, middle initial and last name

·         Full SSN*

·         Birth date*

·         Valid email address

·         Mailing address

·         Work Phone number

·         Home Phone number


*Subject to Privacy Act


… information to, we can get you a “MarineNet” account in short order so you can study for both the online and proctored examinations. 


This information will be channeled through our USMC sponsor and you will then receive MarineNet quickly.


Yes, you’re still required to take your proctored exam under supervision, but even that has become easier.


You now take the proctored examination in Bldg 2006, 3rd Floor, Room 332, MCB Quantico, VA.  They’re open from 0800-1700 M-F for Study.  If you go to take the proctored examination, you must go between 0800-1400.  This way, if you start the test before 1400, that will give you time to finish before they close.  You will not be allowed to start the exam after 1400.  You should call ahead if you intend to go and study or take the test because the lab may be full for one reason or another.  It was empty when I dropped in on them.

You can still take the online exam at home and the link to it is still the same

You can still go through the study guide for the proctored exam at home and if you’ve had trouble getting to that web site in the past, it’s now available through  You’ll have to say you agree and you’ll then go into where you’ll have to register as a user.


If you plan to go, I recommend you take ear buds or a headset with a mini-stereo plug.  You can turn on sub-titles, but the study guide for the proctored exam is all audio and you’ll be able to listen without interrupting others with a headset of some kind.

VERY IMPORTANT:  For those of you who are old like me and “test” challenged, realize that if you take the test at building 2006, you’ll have a searchable document to help you with the open book test.  The test has always been open book, but in the past, the test administrators just plopped down a whole bunch of unorganized document in front of you and told you to go for it.  In Bldg 2006, you can search for keywords in the documents to help you find the answers.


Building 2006 Contacts:  K.J. or Misti at 703-784-4288. help desk 1-888-435-8762  (They can help you navigate if you can’t follow my directions).


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