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As the weekend for Rememberng the Brave is quikcly approaching, we want to remind all those shooting at the event ot pre-register. All information is either on the match calenar as an attachment or has previoiusly been mentioned on our news page.

Volunteers and pullers are to contact our Operations Officer directly as this will faciltate in the time and planning.

In closing, this event is not an official event of, and it is not endorsed or sponsored by the Federal Government, Department of Defense, United States Marine Corps, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA or Weapons Training Battalion.


Posted: 5/19/2011

Update on matches

A new "Match Results" is page is now present. All match results will be posted to this page shortly after matches and scores verification.

Sadly, the Commonealth of Virginia Championship scheduled for May has been been cancelled. Apparently, the USMC will be performing maintenance on range equipment in the pits. We will update any changes, new dates, etc via the Club News


Posted: 5/16/2011

New Operations Officer selected!

James R. "Jim" Therrell Jr. has been selected as the new Operations Officer of the Quantico Shooting Club, Inc. Jim is a competitive shooter of long standing, having participated in NRA and CMP high-power service rifle competitions for sixteen seasons at QSC and elsewhere, attending the Nationals four times. Jim is an NRA Life Member, and a past member of the VSSA and VFEMI.

Jim's professional background is as a satellite systems engineer. Earlier in his career, Jim worked for more than a decade as an engineer in the custom equipment shop of the National Geographic Society where he invented the "CritterCam," among many other technical innovations. His project management skills were honed over the past dozen years as he has had increasing responsibilities for designing, building, operating and supporting ground stations for communications satellites. Jim is looking to begin a new chapter in his life and career, and the Board of Directors is delighted that he has chosen to take on the challenge of managing the day-to-day operations of our own "ground station" on the grounds of the Quantico Marine Corp Base.

As Jim settles in, you will see him in the Clubhouse, at matches, and meetings on a regular basis. Our acting Operations Officer, Russell Jones, has graciously agreed to work with Jim to establish a seamless transition. In coming weeks, Clubhouse office hours will be adjusted to meet the needs of the Club members and guests. The next time you are on the Base, please be sure to greet Jim as a welcome new member of our team.

Posted: 4/29/2010

MAY 27 – 29, 2011


In 2009, following the Marine Corps Rifle Team’s participation in the second annual Armed Forces Memorial Match in Byers, Colorado, a number of Marines decided to volunteer their personal time in the development of a similar match to be held on the East Coast.  They collaborated with the Remembering the Brave Foundation, the Quantico Shooting Club, M-1s for Vets, the NRA, and a number of other wonderful organizations to develop a plan that has rapidly made this one of the most popular matches in the country.  We are certain that participation in this year’s match will continue to be most memorable.  Each year, the program will honor the memories of 14 Military Service Members who made the ultimate sacrifice in their service to their country and for the ideals of freedom and justice around the world.  The magnificent trophies will bear the names and images of the service members honored each year and the winners of each match will be permanently engraved on the trophies.  This match is a registered Match with the NRA, who has graciously waived their standard fees.  Match fees are indicated in the match bulletin . Pre-registation is strongly encouraged for both the match and pullers (where applicable for an additional fee).  Click here to download the QSC INDV-TEAM PREREGISTRATION FORM fill-out and return to QSC as directed. Please download and read the letter from Colonel Steve Beck who tells the story of Remembering the Brave.

This event is not an official event of, and it is not endorsed or sponsored by the Federal Government, Department of Defense, United States Marine Corps, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA or Weapons Training Battalion.

Posted: 4/23/2011


Remembering The Brave - Call for volunteers

This Memorial Day we are once again host to the Remembering the Brave Match. This will be a three day match and your club needs volunteers. We need approximately 30 volunteers per day so if you can help and support your club and the Remembering The Brave Match please contact the operations officer. Part of a day, full day and multiple days are all appreciated.


Posted : 4/21/2011

USPSC Pistol Clinic - new to many and a success for all!

Quantico Shooting Club recently held an introductory clinic for USPSC competition. The didactic was informative, lots of questions, terrific hand-outs, standing room only in the WTBn classroom and much thanks to Jeff Hoge who condensed over 13 hours of classroom material down to 3!

Those in attendance shot two different stages which gave those new to this sport a taste for what is important in safety and effectiveness. We all look forward to monthly USPSC competitions which will start in June. These will occur on the second Sunday of each month so check the calendar often for updates, etc.

Thanks go out to Lew Walker and Jeff Salzberg for a good, and very safe day! And thanks to Jeff Hoge for the class. Also, thanks to the RO's and RSO's that helped!

Posted 4/20/2011

Operations Officer Job Posting and Pistol Clinic - Reminders

I am following up on the request for resumes that I sent out on behalf of your Board of Directors on 21 March advertising the part-time, permanent position of Operations Officer for QSC. The deadline of 11 April 2001 is approaching for submission of resumes for the position. First, if you have already submitted a resume but have NOT been contacted by the Treasurer, David Zlowe, who is doing initial screening of the resumes, then please resend your resume through a message on the "contact us" portion of the QSC website. Second, if you or someone you know who is qualified/interested would still like to submit a resume, then please do so BOTH to the original email address given, qsc (dot) operationsofficer (at) gmail (dot) com, and to the "contact us" portion of the QSC website to ensure timely receipt and acknowledgment. I have also attached the list of duties for the vital OO position.

Thanks for your interest and help.

Luis F. Eljaiek, Jr., Secretary

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 Pistol Clinic this Sunday!

Forecast is for great weather, pre-registration via the Operations Officer is encouraged. Details are posted on QSC calendar.

Posted: 4/6/2011

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April rifle matches will need to be rescheduled - 3/24/2011 - 4:11 PM

April rifle matches will need to be rescheduled due to weather delays affecting the lead mining on Ranges 2, 3, and 4.  QSC is working on rescheduling these  matches pending completion of lead mining and integrating with our other scheduled matches.  Stay tuned and check back often as the rifle match calendar will likely be changing.

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