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Second only to safety, keeping our membership informed of what is happening inside Quantico Shooting Club is a top priority. We have a newsletter that we will put on this page every month. Be sure to check it and see what is going on with in the club.



October Newsletter!


October Events
Oct 6 – Rec Fire and Fun Match - 800, 900 and 1,000 yds  - Range 4
Oct 13 - USPS Pistol Match - Range 5

Making steel targets for use on Range 4
Steel targets used on range 4 (when allowed at all) must be constructed so that they have a 20o backward angle.  How this backward angle is accomplished can vary but here is one example:

While the chain is hanging straight down, the eye bolt offset forces the actual target to tilt downward at the required 20 o angle.  This will cause hits to be deflected downward.

Watch the Club Calendar
In the past, we’ve asked you to check the club calendar up until Thursday evening.  This is no longer true.  If Quantico Shooting Club has a range reserved, we can open it right up to the morning of the schedule. 

So, now we suggest you check the club calendar at right up until Friday evening for Saturday ranges and Saturday evening for Sunday ranges.  Normally, it will be solid for both days by Thursday evening, but keep checking.

Brand new RSOs
If you’re a brand new RSO, be advised that even though you’ve passed both exams and received your certificates, you’re not automatically entered into the Marine Corps Range Scheduling  database.  If you email copies of both your certifications to, they’ll be forwarded to Range Scheduling who will then put into the computer.  This is easiest because otherwise, you’ll have to deliver them personally… which is a pain.

We need more RSOs
The process of becoming an RSO is somewhat easier now.  If you send the following…

  • First name, middle initial and last name
  • Full SSN*
  • Birth date*
  • Valid email address
  • Mailing address
  • Work Phone number
  • Home Phone number


*Subject to Privacy

… information to, we can get you a “MarineNet” account in short order so you can study for both the online and proctored examinations. 

This information will be channeled through our USMC sponsor and you will then receive MarineNet temporary password quickly.

After the information above has been submitted to the Marine sponsor, you will receive an email something like this.

This is a temporary password.  You can then go to

The first thing you’ll see an agreement screen:

Here, you just click Agree.  Then you’ll see this screen:

I believe in most cases, your Username will be First.MI.Last, but if you’re not sure, click on Forgot Username or Password and you’ll see this screen:

Just enter your last name, SSN and DOB, and it will tell you your Username.  Once you’ve recorded that, you click “Continue” and it will take you back to the login screen.  Enter your Username and the temporary Password you received in the email.   You’ll immediately be taken to a change password screen where you’ll once again enter your temporary password followed by a new password entered twice.  The new password must contain:

2 characters from A-Z,
2 characters from a-z,
2 characters from 0-9 and
2 special characters like !@#$%^

I urge you to make sure you write down your new password and store  it in a safe place.  If you forget it, You’ll have to go through the whole password reset deal again.

Once you’re in MarineNet, you can enter…

Range Safety Officer

… in the search bar at the top of screen.

It should give you two options:

You’ll want to enroll in the Range Safety Course.

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you’ve upgraded to MSIE 10, you could end up having problems when you click on the Magnifying glass to enroll.    They’ve had a problems with MSIE 10.  If you do get an error message, simply call call 1-888-435-8762, press 1, then press 4 to get to technical support.  They will enroll you manually.)

You should then be able to take the Range Safety course.

Yes, you’re still required to take your proctored exam under supervision, but even that has become easier.

You now take the proctored examination in Bldg 2006, 3rd Floor, Room 332, MCB Quantico, VA.  They’re open from 0800-1700 M-F for Study.  If you go to take the proctored examination, you must go between 0800-1400.  This way, if you start the test before 1400, that will give you time to finish before they close.  You will not be allowed to start the exam after 1400.  You should call ahead if you intend to go and study or take the test because the lab may be full for one reason or another.  It was empty when I dropped in on them.
As far as I can see, you can still take the online exam at home and the link to it is still the same
You can still go through the study guide for the proctored exam at home and if you’ve had trouble getting to that web site in the past, it’s now available through
If you plan to go, I recommend you take ear buds or a headset with a mini-stereo plug.  You can turn on sub-titles, but the study guide for the proctored exam is all audio and you’ll be able to listen without interrupting others with a headset of some kind.
VERY IMPORTANT:  For those of you who are old like me and “test” challenged, realize that if you take the test at building 2006, you’ll have a searchable document to help you with the open book test.  The test has always been open book, but in the past, the test administrators just plopped down a whole bunch of unorganized document in front of you and told you to go for it.  In Bldg 2006, you can search for keywords in the documents to help you find the answers.
Building 2006 Contacts:  K.J. or Misti at 703-784-4288. help desk 1-888-435-8762 (They can help you navigate if you can’t follow my directions).
Product Review: Magnetospeed chronograph

The web site pretty much speaks for itself.  In talking to a couple of members who have purchased this style of chronograph, both have been ecstatic about its performance and ease of use.

Some have expressed concern about whether it upsets barrel harmonics, but I know one member has done some pretty extensive testing and found that has not been a problem.  That same member tested the Magnetspeed unit against a Oheler 35P and found it be just as accurate.

Theoretically, it could be could be good to leave it on during match shooting.  Just as an example, if you shot an X, felt the conditions were identical on the next shot but it hit higher or lower, the chronograph could validate the reason for it.


Also a thank you for all the RSO's who have taken the time out of their busy schedule and opened ranges!



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