What's New - 1/2012


A truly "Once In A Lifetime Event" occurred this past weekend at QSC. Over 30 QSC members turned out for the proctored portion of the RSO exam. That's nearly the number of members who attend the membership meetings! These members need to complete and pass the on-line portion of becoming a RSO and we will have a new cadre of RSO's. Our thanks to Steve Mullins for arranging this event. We could not have done this without Doug Hurst who is so dedicated to ensuring that becoming a RSO is an easy and painless process. His step by step "guides and videos" are terrific. Our gratitude to Gunny Clifton McChenesney for proctoring the exams - we couldn't have had this level of participation without your help.

Membership Meeting is Saturday, January 21st from 0900-1100. Please be sure to mark this on your personal calendar as all members are urged to attend and vote for your new Board of Directors. As a reminder; voting members must be current as this will be verified prior to receiving a ballot. Please note that the meeting is NOT at WTBn classroom. Click here for location. This information is also available in the calendar for those who import events into personal calendars.

Posted: 1/17/2012


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