Transporting Firearms

Quantico Shooting Club members and their guests are all guests on a military installation and are subject to its rule and regulations. The following information outlines firearm transportation and other rules that apply while visiting a military installation. Read the information carefully and remember that ignorance of the law is no defense.

Transport Firearms and Ammunition Aboard Marine Corps Base, Quantico

Marine Corps Base, Quantico (MCBQ) is a U.S. Military Installation and Federal law applies. Like all military installations, MCBQ takes force protection seriously and all personnel are subject to their rules and regulations. The Marines are very professional and do not interfere with those who follow the rules.

Firearms Transport rules are found in MCBQ Order 8000.1 (advise you click the link and read, even download for your use) and the Provost Marshall Standard Operating Procedure. This authority requires that all personnel ensure that:

  • All firearms are CASED and UNLOADED
  • A cased firearm must not be readily accessible in the vehicle
  • Ammo must be as far away from a cased firearm as possible; ammo should be cased, if practicable, and not readily accessible
  • All magazines must be unloaded

Prohibitions of Carrying Firearms or Weapons Open or Concealed onto Federal Installations

As with each citizen’s right to bear arms, there are limits when and where to bear arms. Extreme caution and prudent judgment must be used when deciding to carry a personal firearm or weapon so you must know the law. Virginia concealed carry permits DO NOT apply on MCBQ or any military installation. Before attempting to enter the military installation you must ensure you are in full compliance with the firearms transport rules.

The law involving carrying a firearm or weapon onto federal property is specific and clear. Possession of Firearms and Dangerous Weapons in federal facilities, buildings, or Installations is illegal and is in violation of Section 930, Title 18, United States Code. Law Enforcement personnel, when entering federal facilities, buildings and/or installations must identify themselves prior to entry if armed. Military reserve personnel whose civilian profession require the carrying of a weapon, openly or concealed, are not authorized to carry or bring their duty weapon on a federal installation, into a federal building, or facility. Full time civilian police officers performing drill, annual training, or while in support of an operation, may not bring their duty weapon, open or concealed, onto a federal installation, into a federal building, or facility. Unless the carrying of a concealed weapon is in support of a federal mission, or so directed, weapons will not be brought onto a federal installation, into a federal building or facility.

The following is a list of items that are listed as illegal and may not be carried onto a federal installation or into a federal facility or building.

  • Firearms (of any type unless declared and cleared by the installation Provost Marshal)
  • Explosive Weapons
  • Machine Guns
  • Short Barrelled Firearms
  • Firearm Silencer
  • Switchblade Knives
  • Knuckles
  • Armor Piercing Ammunition
  • Chemical Dispensing Devices
  • Zip Guns
  • Clubs or Night Sticks
  • Illegal Knives

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Consent to Search

Commanders of military installations, aircraft, or vessels may authorize personnel to conduct searches of persons or property upon entry to or exit from the installation, aircraft, or vessel. The justification for the search is the need to make sure the security, military fitness, or good order and discipline of the command is maintained. Any person and their property entering MCBQ is subject to search.