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International Trap

The Shotgun Range includes one International Trap field for international single and double-trap events. Up to 7.5 shot ammunition may be used on this range – no buckshot or slugs. The Club provides clay targets for members and guests at $3.00 a round (25 targets). Members or guests may not use their own targets.

The International Trap field is used for recreational fire and competitions and is available through the QSC Operations Officer.

No weapon shall be taken up to the firing line unless the rounds for which that weapon is chambered are authorized to be discharged on that range at that time.  Equally important is that regardless of the round to be chambered, the weapon itself must be authorized at the firing line.

The Shotgun range is for shotguns only.  No pistols or rifles are allowed close to the firing line.  This especially applies to the .410 chambered "Judge."  Since the firing line is somewhat movable and in many cases not well defined, Please do not remove any rifles or pistols that you might have stored in your vehicle from the parking lot area.  We recognize that at times you will visit numerous ranges on any given day.  If you bring more than one variety of weapon to the range, please make sure that they are cased individually.  In that way, you will not inadvertently take a rifle or pistol out of the parking lot area.

Also, no Eastern Bloc ammunition can be discharged on any of the Calvin A. Lloyd Complex.  Please see our web site for further clarification, You can also download the following document MCBO 3570.1, dated 17 May 2010

Updated: 3/3/2011