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Range 4

Rifle (Range 4 - 1000 yards)
This range is available approximately once per month.

Range 4 is a 1000-yard rifle range with target positions located at 100-yard increments. Up to .50 caliber ammunition and below is authorized on this range. Muzzleloaders .75 caliber and below may be used. Members must bring their own targets. The firing positions are open and target carriages are available in the pits for shooters shooting the full 1000 yards. Members shooting less than 1000 yards must bring their own targets and stands.

Range 4 is used for recreational fire and competitions and is available through the QSC Operations Officer. Range 4 at 600 yardsThere is no charge for members during recreational fire but guests must pay a range fee of $10.

No weapon shall be taken up to the firing line unless the rounds for which that weapon is chambered are authorized to be discharged on that range at that time.  Equally important is that regardless of the round to be chambered, the weapon itself must be authorized at the firing line.

We can fire a number of different weapons on this range as well as Range 2 & 3, but only in semi-auto mode and within certain calibers.  Up to .30-'06 is allowed on all of them, and .50 BMG is allowed on Range 4.  However, no Shotguns or pistols are allowed, regardless of how chambered. Also, no Eastern Bloc ammunition can be discharged on any of the Calvin A. Lloyd Complex.  Please see our web site for further clarification, http://www.quanticoshootingclub.com/rules.php You can also download the following document MCBO 3570.1, dated 17 May 2010

Range 4 SOP

Updated: 10/4/2011