Range 1 (300 yards)Ranges

Range 1

Range 1 is a 300-yard multipurpose range with target positions located between 7 and 150 yards and 300 yards (area between 150 and 300 not usable). Handguns exceeding the ammunition restrictions on the Pistol Competiton Range may be used. Muzzleloaders .75 caliber and below may be used. Shotguns firing shot sizes #7 and larger may be used. The range has 21 covered firing positions, double hearing protection and eye protection is required. Members must bring their own targets and stands. Range 1 is used for recreational fire and is available through the QSC Operations Officer. There is no charge for members but guests must pay a range fee $10.

If you need to make a target stand click here for plans.

All Range Safety Officers (RSO), Officer in Command (OIC), members, and guest are encouraged to read the latest Range 1 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and the Range 1 Safety Video.

No weapon shall be taken up to the firing line unless the rounds for which that weapon is chambered are authorized to be discharged on that range at that time.  Equally important is that regardless of the round to be chambered, the weapon itself must be authorized at the firing line.

As an example, even though .45 rounds are allowed to be discharged, what is not allowed is discharging them through a Thompson Sub-machine gun.  Likewise, given that 9 X 19 parabellum rounds are allowed, semi-auto pistols are good, Uzis are not.  Range 1 is not a shotgun range, but shotguns are allowed if the rounds discharged are either slugs or 00 buck shot. Please see our web site for further clarification, http://www.quanticoshootingclub.com/rules.php You can also download the following document MCBO 3570.1, dated 17 May 2010

Stands and targets are required for the range. Metal target stands are allowed however if less than 100 yards they have to have sandbags in front of it. WE DO NOT SUPPLY ANY SANDBAGS. Also depending on the RSO and their discretion they may not allow the metal stands at less then 100 yards.