Range Safety Officer Program

Club shooting activities are supported by a cadre of trained and experienced RSOs. If you would like to become a RSO, please go to www.qshooting.com and click on Training. As of October 2016, New QSC Range Safety Officer candidates need to complete three (3) requirements:

Training and Testing requirements

Step 1. You must successfully compete the USMC Range Safety Officer Basic Course.

This course has a study guide available at...

USMC Range Safety Officer Basic Course Study Guide

The proctored examination for the USMC Range Safety Officer Basic Course is given at the Range Control Scheduling Office (Building 24144) any Tuesday at 0900

Upon passing the proctored examination you will be issued a certificate of completion.


Step 2. Once you have completed Step 1 above, you are required attend the In-person Officer In Charge (OIC)/Range Safety Officer (RSO) Brief. The link below is the study guide for this brief.

In-person OIC/RSO Brief Study Guide (PDF - right-click, Save As...)

This brief is conducted (at a minimum) on the 1st and 3rd Tudsdays of each month at 1300 in a discussion room located in Heywood Hall at The Basic School (see links for map and building layout below).

Directions to Heywood Hall/Range Scheduling (I-95 Exit 143)(JPG - click to view)
Directions to Heywood Hall/Range Scheduling (I-95 Exit 148)(JPG - click to view)
Layout of Heywood Hall (JPG - click to view)

The brief lasts two and one-half hours and there is a 20 question knowledge check at the end of the brief to gauge your understanding of the Quantico specific requirements.

When you report to Heywood Hall for the brief, make sure to bring...

Copy of the USMC Range Safety Officer Basic Course certificate
Copy of the In-person OIC/RSO Brief Study Guide
Copy of the Quantico Range Regulations (MCBO 3570.1A (hard/electronic copy))

You will be issued an OIC/RSO Card upon completion of the 20 question knowledge check.

NOTE: The Marine Corps requirement and the Quantico requirement may have different expiration dates, but both are valid for 3 years from the date of completion.

Additional Documentation

MCBO 3570.1A(PDF - click to view)
MCO 3570.1C (PDF - click to view)
QSC Consolidated Range SOP

NOTE: After you've received your RSO/OIC Card, you must still be mentored on any QSC Range you want to open. Instructions for the mentoring process are contained in the link above 'QSC Consolidated Range SOP'.

Also please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXTHEsgjW54 for how to check a Range out.