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Recreational fire CANNOT be posted until the Thursday of the same week, hence please check for weekend recreational fire starting Thursday evening throughout that weekend. Some recreational fire events are listed as a recreational match or clinic. These are structured to provide the QSC member with the experience of shooting in a competitive match environment (these are NOT sanctioned by the NRA, CMP, USPSA, etc.). These recreational fire matches or clinics will ideally lead to the QSC member shooting in a sanctioned competitive match as his/her fund of knowledge, confidence and experience increases. Our goal is to provide the novice and the experienced marksman with all levels of the shooting experience.
Range use is based on a number of things:
1. Availability - We typically have a number of ranges available to us each weekend, including pistol, rifle & shotgun. There are times when either classes are being held, a sanctioned match is scheduled at a particular range or the Military takes precedence on a range.
2. RSO's: The Range Safety Officers at QSC are all members who volunteer to open ranges. We can only have ranges open when there are volunteers. Any member can become an RSO by attending our RSO class and test given by the Marine Corp.
Because of the above reasons we never carry the exact same schedule. Once ranges and RSO's are confirmed for a given range, then the range schedule goes up on the calendar. This is typically completed by Thursday evening. Rarely, a rec fire will be posted on Friday thru Sunday of the same weekend. This may happen when both a RSO volunteer and range suddenly become available. Remember, this is an all volunteer organization and as such we depend on our cadre of SO's for all our shooting activities. Members are highly encouraged to become a RSO for these reasons. In summary, any and all ranges available for Rec Fire will be posted, if a range is not posted for rec fire then it is not available.